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12 Brazilian Songs From 2013 That You Need To Hear

Here are the hits that made it big this year. Go ahead, have a listen!

1. Charlie Brown Jr., "Meu Novo Mundo"

This is the first single off of the band's 2013 album La Família 013. It was released a couple days before the group's longtime vocalist "Chorão" died, causing basically the entire country's population to listen heavily to the tune in the following weeks and months. Charlie Brown Jr. is very loved throughout Brazil; their success and popularity throughout the years has remained constant.

2. Ivete Sangalo and Alejandro Sanz, "No Me Compares"

Released in December 2012, "No Me Compares" is a duet by two of the most famous voices in all of Latin America: Ivete Sangalo and Alejandro Sanz. The hit took over the music scene for the first half of this year, as everyone flocked toward the familiar chemistry and magic that's always created when these two musical giants meet.

3. Roberto Carlos, "Esse Cara Sou Eu"

Roberto Carlos, known in Brazil as "the king," came out with this romantic ballad that blew up after the new year, stealing hearts and captivating ears for most of 2013. Carlos' unexpected come back single only proves that after decades of continuously being on top, he's still got it.

4. Naldo, "Amor de Chocolate"

This music video was released in January, and it instantly dominated the nightlife scene all year. Naldo's funk hit is a dance anthem that you're almost guaranteed to hear in any club on a night out in Brazil. Fun fact: I'm pretty sure those drums in the background are a sample from Major Lazer's "Pon De Floor." Can you hear it?

5. Paula Fernandes, "Um Ser Amor"

MultiShow / Via

This single comes off of Fernandes' second studio album of the same name. The young country pop star has been catching the attention of Brazilian fans for quite some time now, and her sound is usually compared to that of Taylor Swift. Her other singles this year include "Não Fui Eu" and "Se Tudo Fosse Fácil."

6. Luan Santana, "Te Esperando"

Som Livre / Via

Santana has been front and center in Brazilian country music ever since the release of his first album back in 2009. The mid-2013 release of his Cabou Cabou EP only further solidified Santana as a force to be reckoned with in the genre. His single "Te Esperando" is about waiting patiently for a long-lost love even if it takes a lifetime. Other singles this year include "Cê Topa?" and "Tudo Que Você Quiser."

7. Jota Quest, "Mandou Bem"

Jota Quest is usually associated with a more punk-rock sound, so this upbeat party anthem was definitely an unexpected surprise from the famous band when it launched earlier this year. Unexpected or not, its undeniable pop influence is delightful in every sense and extremely catchy.

8. Gabriel Valim, "Piradinha"

This was THE hit that played at every party, at every club, and in every city during the summer of 2013. Truth be told, the lyrics aren't anything to be too impressed by and the music video is typical of what you'd expect from a summer banger. Even so, to deny its popularity and leave it out would make for an incomplete list. "Piradinha" is the guiltiest of musical pleasures.

9. Ivete Sangalo, "Tempo De Alegria"

Universal Music Brasil / Via

The Brazilian diva traded in her traditional beats for a pop number that took everyone by surprise. Sangalo has always been a fan favorite, and she keeps coming back every year still killing it. Even though "Tempo de Alegria" has a slightly dancier feel than anything she's ever done, the lyrics are still about happiness, love, and joy, which is true to the singer's vibe down to the very core.

10. Fernando e Sorocaba, "Veneno"

Som Livre / Via

This country duo has been topping the charts for the past couple years and continues to do so with this year's hit "Veneno." Sorocaba's deep voice is complimented by Fernando's raw acoustic guitar and accompanying vocals, making for an addicting combination. Other singles this year include "Mô."

11. Gusttavo Lima, "Fui Fiel"

Gusttavo Lima is THE heartthrob in the Brazilian country scene. The re-recording of Pablo's "Fui Fiel" was only released a few months ago, but has caught on extremely quickly and been well welcomed. Other singles this year include "Diz Pra Mim," his Portuguese rendition of Pink's "Just Give Me A Reason."

12. Anitta, "Show das Poderosas"

"Show das Poderosas" crept onto the scene this spring and spread like wildfire. The Beyoncé-inspired music video has neared 70 million views, and doesn't seem to be letting up anytime soon. Fun fact: The song also features samples from Major Lazer's "Pon De Floor," which Beyoncé famously sampled for "Run The World (Girls)." Other singles this year include "Zen" and "Meiga e Abusada."