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    There's Art Crawling Through The Streets Of São Paulo

    A graffiti artist takes it to the streets, literally!

    Tec is an Argentine graffiti artist who's work has appeared around cities such as Buenos Aires since the '90s. Although based for the past decade in Argentina, Tec recently made a move to São Paulo, Brazil, and has kept busy by decorating the roads.

    The well-known Argentine graffiti artist Tec has taken to the streets of São Paulo, Brazil, for his most recent project that keeps popping up on various roads throughout the city.

    The large-scale whimsical paintings are usually of a person or a creature, and include everything from a lizard to a mouse.

    The white outlines have even confused drivers and pedestrians, as a number of them are mistaking the artwork for road signs.

    Tec creates his "road art" with a giant paint roller he takes straight to the concrete; he fittingly depicts his style here:

    The artist usually works at night to avoid high traffic flow, and one lucky passerby even snapped a photo of him in action.

    The paintings themselves are HUGE and best viewed aerially.

    A visual treat no doubt; thank you Tec, thank you São Paulo, and goodnight!