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    21 Times The Kardashians Explained Your Life

    Keep up, people.

    1. When someone asks what you're going to do after college.

    2. When you're in class and your friend keeps blowing up your phone.

    3. When you get paid and then hit the bars.

    4. When you get tagged in a Timehop picture from 7 years ago.

    5. When your family members hound you over when you're gonna get married.

    6. When randos won't stop messaging you on Tinder.

    7. When you find out one of your family members ate the leftovers you'd been looking forward to all day.

    8. When you get hangry and can't control your emotions.

    9. When you're sometimes domestic as fuck.

    10. When you get forced to go on a blind date.

    11. When your ex texts you out of the blue saying they miss you.

    12. When your Instagram selfie didn't make it to "likes".

    13. When you just didn't give a shit about society's body standards.

    14. When your friend asks you to go workout with them after a night of heavy drinking.

    15. When you're on the phone with your mom and she starts asking about your grades.

    16. When you had your priorities in line.

    17. When you log onto Twitter and see a tweet that just says "Lol."

    18. When your friend asks if you want to go on a juice cleanse with them.

    19. When your mom won't stop commenting on your pictures on Facebook.

    20. When your BFF doesn't respond to you for hours and you find out she's been hanging with her ex.

    21. When someone comments on your Instagram but doesn't like it.