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15 Things Unemployed College Grads Living At Home Will Understand

This too shall pass.

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1. When you first move home and think life is about to be lit living off your parents for a little while longer.

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2. But then realize it's just your parents hounding you about finding a job.

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3. When you see your parents have replaced all the pasta in the house with spiralized veggies.

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4. When you unpack your bags and it finally hits that you're not going back to school.


5. When you ask your parents to edit your cover letter.


6. When you get multiple job rejection emails in one day.

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7. When family members ask how you're holding up since graduation.


8. When you decide to take a break from applying to jobs and FaceTime your old roommate(s).


9. When someone asks what kind of work you're passionate about pursuing.


10. When you want to go hang out with your friends but they no longer live right down the street from you.


11. When you see an old teacher from high school while you're picking up take-out dressed like a complete moron.

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12. Or when you run into someone you hate from high school at the grocery store.

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13. When you're used to all-you-can-eat meals at the dining hall and come home to a fridge filled with a half-eaten package of hummus, a bag of shredded cheese, and a fuckload of expired condiments.


14. When your friend who lives across the country wants you to fly out to see them.


15. And finally, when you go to bed at night wondering how long you have to live like this.


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