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29 Signs You Go To A Women's College


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1. Friends from home ask you if everyone there is a lesbian.

Sure, there are lesbians, but there are also non-lesbians. And nothing is better than being in an environment accepting of all sexual orientations.

2. People assume you go to a single sex-school because you're scared of boys.

You are not hiding out. You chose to be in an environment where you never have to apologize for being a woman!

3. You feel like you have to constantly defend the existence of women's colleges.

4. Like, "Isn't it sexist against boys to not let them attend your school?"

Logically this isn't even a thing.

5. Your tolerance for most dude humor has significantly lowered since your days as a *first-year*.

6. But your comeback game is better than ever.

7. Literally every night is girls' night.

Class is what you go to in between your wine-fueled dance parties.

8. "Where's the men's room?"

Sorry, visiting dads. Can't help you there.

9. Every time you have a conversation about patriarchy it's like...

10. This is what you feel like after leaving a women's studies class:

But then you realize your enormous workload and this is what you actually look like...

11. Walking through the hall without pants on is no big deal.

12. You no longer feel shame about letting people know you've got your period.

13. Living with multiple girls has turned your bathroom into this.

14. This is a very alarming sight.

Was there a boy here or... DID SOMEONE CLEAN?

15. But still, when you spot a boy on campus, sometimes it's like...

16. Your school knows you need to be fed every hour, on the hour.

No one makes you feel self-conscious about stuffing your face and all of the snacks are beyond delicious.

17. Tea is a part of life.

Whether 12 people you know currently have a profile picture that looks like this, or campus if offering organized tea drinking events, you can't escape it.

18. You get to study in places like this.

Flickr: scrippscollege

So many women's colleges are full of beautiful architecture that makes you feel like you're living in a brochure.

19. When you leave campus to go into the real world, it's hard to not say this to everyone.

20. You've considered ending a paper with this.

21. You're in good company.

Countless influential women went to women's colleges, like Hillary Clinton!

Graduates of women’s colleges comprise more than 20% of women in Congress. Since only 2% of American female college graduates attended women’s schools, these percentages are a big deal.

22. You are never the token female in a leadership position.

In class, you've never had to say the phrase, "From a women's perspective...."

23. When anyone drops the term "male gaze" your blood boils with rage.

24. This has become your general attitude toward coed parties.

25. But that doesn't mean you don't feel like this sometimes...

And it is totally OK.

26. While reading this you've probably thought, "I bet a cisgendered straight girl wrote this."

You'd be right.

27. Your professors are always reminding you how strong and intelligent you are.

But really your professors who are the true heroes.

28. Feminist is no longer a dirty word for you

29. You know the true reason why women's colleges rule.

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