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    • Fuzzeh

      tut tut I loved every single one, it’s all incredibly accurate except for Catelyn’s. I feel like you hated her character and your opinion was far from impartial. Yes, she did have a strong political sense but all she did was for her children and they affected her tremendously.  She set the kingslayer free, an incredibly stupid political move, to have her daughters back safe and sound.  She went insane after seeing her son die in front of her because as far as she knows, he’s the last thing she’s got left (Bran and Rickon were dead to her because of the false information from Theon, Arya was as good as dead because she has heard absolutely nothing at all about her after Ned was taken, Sansa is as good as dead because she’s so far in enemy territory and in the clutches of the evil queen as well as married to one of the enemies. Robb was all she had left and he was killed in front of her. She went insane at the prospect of losing all of her children and clawed her face and did something that Catelyn, the high-born, incredibly honorable, loving mother would never do: kill someone by brutally sawing their neck to the bone. (DO NOT READ THE NEXT LINE AS THIS IS AN INCREDIBLE SPOILER. STOP STOP STOP STOP STOP) She lost her humanity when she thought of her children and husband all dead. The people she would give up absolutely anything for were taken from her and she became the insane and notorious Lady Stoneheart. The ONLY reason she was so involved in the war effort was because she wanted Robb to win and be safe and she wanted what little family she had left home with her. If Robb succeeded, she’d have her family together again. She was wise and intelligent, incredibly vicious to people out to hurt her family but just as warm and loving to the actual members of her family. I firmly believe the show’s representation of Catelyn was very similar to the book representation.  (You can’t talk about Lady Stoneheart’s actions because that isn’t Catelyn anymore, Catelyn without her humanity is Lady Stoneheart and a great part of Catelyn’s character WAS her humanity)

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