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Top 14 GUY 90's Style Icons

Simply put, you wore whatever got you rounding first base quickest. Here are a few guy's whose style would've kept you knee deep in OPP... or at least made lying about it easier! ADD YOUR OWN!

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  • 1. The Petes

    EVERYTHING EVERYONE wore in this series is still unbelievably relevant. I will fight you on this.

  • 2. The Krisses

    When their video dropped it was like a bees knees / sliced bread themed orgy. It was new and you wanted in on it!

  • 3. Rory Cochrane and Ethan Embry

    It defined an era...

  • 4. Luke Perry

    I actually heard he nailed everyone he worked with. Everyone.

  • 5. Nicholas Brendan

    Don't let the schtick fool you. If he and James Marsden ever had a child together, that infant would take your girlfriend.

  • 6. Uncle Jesse

    John Stamos has already had your girlfriend. It's his son you're taking to soccer practice today.

  • 7. Donald Faison 13 seconds. Everything in this show looks like a birthday cake.

  • 8. Kurt Cobain

    In school, there was always that one kid that no one paid any attention to. For good reason I might add. This is what happens when everyone stops and LOOKS at them. F.Y.I.- I have never owned a sweater with sleeves that didn't reach my knuckles.

  • 9. Speech

    Being black and getting laid in the 90's was trickier than most rap music would have you believe. The general consensus was that you can get with "this"...

  • 10. Kid n Play

    ...or you can get with "that", but not everyone can be a fresh prince. Some of us had to wear solid colors... and dance for a living.

  • 11. Chris Tucker and Ice Cube

  • 12. Joey Lawrence

    I hated this man with a serious passion. Truth be told, I lost my virginity with a flannel shirt around my waist. Never looked back.

  • 13. The Entire Cast of Roundhouse

    It takes a tough type to tuck a hooded sweatshirt in your pants and dance on national television, but the BALLS on the guy wearing Jennifer Lopez's earrings (6:30) I've heard can crush a beer can.

  • 14. James Van Der Beek

    In sweatpants. He's having Tom Cruise's wife. In sweatpants.