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    5 Dogs That Chris Kenny Absolutely Did Not Have Sex With

    Chris Kenny didn't have sex with a dog. Not these dogs, not any dogs. These are the best dogs that he absolutely didn't have sex with, even though he could have.

    Right wing blogger and failed Twitter quitter Chris Kenny will receive an on air apology from the ABC tonight, after The Chaser erroneously claimed that he had made love to a dog. This vicious attack on Chris Kenny's reputation has gone on long enough, and I, for one, am glad that he will receive a full apology and retraction. Far too many reasonable people watching The Chaser would have believed that Kenny really did have sex with a dog, which is just not true.

    In the spirit of clearing the air and letting the truth rise above these vicious, and apparently believable lies, these are the top five dogs that Chris Kenny did not have sex with.