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    • fugee13

      Here is the e-mail I sent to Habersham County via their website contact form: I recently read about the botched raid that injured Baby Bou Bou and felt the need to share my disgust.  I will start this comment off saying that I have spent the last seven years working in law enforcement. The last five of which have been spent working for the DEA, a direct participant in this massively failed drug war that has created more victims than it could ever hope to claim it helped.  Shoddy police work, lazy investigating, focus on arrest stats and seizing assets more than caring about actual people….that all results in nothing but pain. Cops get killed. Innocent people get killed. BABIES HAVE FLASH-BANGS BLOW UP IN THEIR FACES.  You should all be disgusted with yourselves and completely ashamed. I hope your desire to cover your own ass and not shell out money for medical bills is worth all the trust you lost with the community you are supposed to be protecting and serving.  Unfortunately this story is all too common across this “great” country. The “Land of the Free.” The place where cops “Protect and Serve.” We have nothing but government endorsed criminals who get to commit whatever crimes they feel like and suffer no consequences at all.  As I said, I’ve been in law enforcement for a while. I know what goes on. I know how this stuff is handled. My complete and utter disgust with this absolutely failed system is what led me to quit my job recently. I could no longer morally or ethically be associated with this government endorsed mob. I would rather be broke and homeless than work for organizations like yours or the DEA, who have taken and ruined countless lives. I’m so happy you were able to apprehend the suspect without incident or flash-bangs at another house when a couple extra hours of surveillance could have saved this child and this family from a lifetime of pain and crippling medical bills.  Go to hell.

    • fugee13

      And then there’s my dog. I absolutely don’t have to worry about this with him.

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