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Reasons Why I Should Be Hired As An Intern By The Dynasty A.k.a BuzzFeed For Cocoa Butter (Jay-z Reference)

Hi, I'm Breigh. I'm a 26-year-old, who is hoping for an opportunity to join Buzzfeed's Cocoa Butter team.

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1. My research game is strong.

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I can research and find anything from where the Ying Yang twins are now to the addresses your ex- boo has lived. I am ya gurl. Of course, I only research ex-boo addresses for my girlfriends.

2. I know what makes the most popular stuff go viral

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Ways to go Viral:

* Sharing something about yourself that triggers an audience

* Sharing something with an emotional response

Reasons why this video went viral:

* James Wright was sharing something about himself which was the review on Patti Labelle's pie.

* His response to the taste of the pie made you not only to want to sing along with him but drive to every Walmart location in your area to find this sweet tatta (potato) pie.

Thanks to James Wright, Aunti Patti's sweet potato pie is selling off the shelves.

3. My background in news

I have covered all kinds of stories such as homicides, fires, murder trials, ribbon cutting ceremonies, and elections. I have experience shooting and editing video, assisting producers with writing for newscasts and engaging an audience through social media, keeping them updated on stories.

4. Example of my social media coverage

I was covering this high case trial via social media while running around shooting and editing video for newscasts. AT THE SAME DANG TIME (Future voice). Now, that is what I call multitasking !

I am all about doing whatever it takes to get the job done and make the team look good. Team work ALWAYS makes the dream work.

6. I am fluent in two different languages. Ebonics being my first language

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As Malcolm Eddie who played as Undercover Brother would say, " I can pronounce my e's and r's too sisteeeeeeer girrrrrrrl."

8. I am a proud HBCU alumni

Breigh-Ann Walls

I know struggle of the many different ways to eat ramen, Church's chicken 99 cent two piece Tuesdays, frustrations of the financial aid office and waiting on refund checks to drop so you can ball out for homecoming!

My alma mater taught me how to survive and be a go-getter. I am forever grateful.

9. I understand Buzzfeed's formula of being a successful company

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which is providing entertainment, breaking news, and original content that people will love to share. Also, integrating advertisements into content vs. using banner ads like most websites is genius of Buzzfeed.

10. Buzzfeed is the Kanye of the Internet

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Like Kanye, Buzzfeed is the innovator, while other outlets follow . When the company first graced the Internet, people didn't believe in it and now I am sure every website wishes they were you.

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