16 Things Black Moms Say To Their Children

An insider on the things that are universal in most black house holds by mothers.

1. “Don’t make me get my belt!”

or whatever else she could find. My mother was creative. She would use fly swatters, belts off purses, bented hangers etc. Old Brown aka the belt always did the trick for my mother.

2. “Now I brought you in this world and I can take you out of it.”

Black moms love saying this when you done got on their last nerves.

3. ” Now when we get in this store you bet not touch nothing!”

The exact face my mother would make.

4. “That room better be clean or you ain’t going outside!”

I never kept my room clean and my mother knew it, that is why she always gave me the ultimatum which was to either clean my room or I could not go outside and play with my friends. So of course, I threw majority of my stuff in my closet so I could go outside. It was my version of cleaning.

5. “You done lost your rabbit a** mind”

Via bigmediavandal

My mother would say this to me when I ” sassed her” or when I was ” trying to act grown.”

6. “Oh you think I’m playing witchu ! “

7. “Didn’t (pop) I (pop) tell (pop) you (pop ) to go sit down somewhere! Now sit down and you bet not get up!”

Didn’t you love when you got disciplined and right after crying your eyes out your mother would say ” I do it because I love you.”

8. Me: “Mom can I have Mcdonald’s?” Mom:”Do you have McDonald’s money?”

and of course I didn’t

9. “Shut up talking to me. You better get out my face.”

10. “You better beat the street the lights home. Don’t have me come looking for you.”

I remember not coming home one time before the streets light came on and my mom went looking for me.You know anytime your mom is looking for you, it is not a good thing. I contemplated whether to go home and get the life beat out of me or runaway. Well at least the welds on my body from the belt only last a couple of days.

11. “You better shut up before I give you something to cry about.”

I would end up crying even louder and then my mom would pinch me hoping it would make me shut up.But it didn’t.

12. ” Who do you think you are talking to? I am not one of your nappy headed friends.”

Minus being on the phone this is the look my mom would make. When I was a teen I had a very smart mouth so my mom would constantly have to put me back in check.

13. “Don’t be running in and out my house! Either you gon be in or be out. Letting all my cool air outside!”

The ONE time she decides to cut the air on.

14. “You better fix yo face before I fix it for you.”

15. “You running up my light bill with all these lights on in the house. Turn off those lights! You don’t pay no bills here.”

My mom LOVED saying that.

16. ” Keep talking, I will knock the taste outcha (not out but outcha) mouth.”

Again I was a very sassy child at times so now that I am older, I completely understand why my mother disciplined the way she did. Gotta love Black Moms!

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