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    • frobot

      “I hate reading fallacious crap like this…Also, everything isapoison if you ingest enough of it, even water.”
      Ihate reading simplistic, dismissive, low-brow crap like this. Bromine (and brominated flame retardants) are known toxins, and water is regarded by most reasonable people as non-toxic. Sure, if you ingest massive amounts of water, it will kill you. It only takesaminuscule amount to suffer adverse effects from bromine. The LD50 (median lethal dose) for water is 90,000 mg/kg. For bromine, it’s considerably less: 2600 mg/kg. But that only addresses acute toxicity (i.e., the adverse effects ofasingle exposure, or repeated exposures withinashort period). It doesn’t address chronic toxicity (i.e., the adverse effects of prolonged or repeated exposure at lower levels overalonger period of time). It should be obvious that the chronic toxicity of water (or vinegar) is nil. That’s not the case for bromine — or more specifically, brominated flame retardants. In fact, there’s concern about the safety of these compounds as flame retardants — let alone food additives. But by all means, takeastand against the organic food industrial complex, and feel free to haveasip,asniff, or clean your shirts or drains with this.

    • frobot

      “The key to it all is moderation” It’s kind of hard to moderate your consumption of chicken, bread, cereals, drinks — esp. when artificial food dye is in practically everything we eat in America. “…all these ads have like a 7 min long list of side effects that can pretty much kill you…” Sure, but that misses the point. Taking prescription drugs is a calculated risk. In most cases, the risks with medications are less than the risks of not taking them — and dealing with the dangers of untreated conditions. In other words, the benefits generally outweigh the risks. This is not the case at all with artificial food dyes and other cosmetic food additives. The message here isn’t “Oh noes, we can’t drink Gatorade or eat Fruit Loops!” It’s that if our government actually did care about protecting us, it — like other countries mentioned on this list — wouldn’t allow the addition of toxins to our food with little to no benefit.  People freak out about terrorism, and are willing to give up their civil liberties (e.g. “I have nothing to hide”) and freedoms — in the name of “protecting freedom.” Yet the risks of dying from terrorism are less than getting killed by a police officer, or even a toddler who accidentally finds a gun. And they’re certainly less than the potential dangers with poisons in our food.

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