18 Signs You Went To University In The Mid-’00s

Save the Rave! Tony B-Liar! Fledgling Facebook! You remember it like it was yesterday…

1. You spent hours on end binge-watching illegally obtained episodes of this…

upload.wikimedia.org / Via ABC/Wikipedia

2. …which meant you spent an unnatural amount of time in your room watching this guy doing his thing.

So hypnotic.

3. You’d occasionally mix it up with the odd hour or ten playing this.

4. You thought this provided a wildly unrealistic portrayal of the school years you’d just left behind…

Via YouTube/Channel 4

5. …yet get weirldly proud when you see little Tony Stonem all grown up and doing things like this in Hollywood in 2k14.

6. You or a sexually frustrated male counterpart had this poster on their bedroom wall.

Then you and all of your friends grew up and filled out too, but in an entirely different way.

7. You remember the days when Facebook was just for cool college kids like you…

Then they opened it up to all the boring normals with their 9-to-5 jobs and early nights and baby pictures. Then you became a boring normal.

8. …and got super-excited when they finally rolled it out to your university.

9. A “MySpace band” was still very much a thing.

10. Landfill indie was everywhere.

eil.com / Via EIL

11. You’ve had the depressing realisation that this man was the closest thing you had to a legitimate rock ‘n’ roll icon during your student days.

Via Gigwise

Anyone getting nostalgic about this can now buy overpriced trinkets from his heyday from his Camden boutique/glorified jumble sale.

12. Nu-rave was the closest thing you had to a musical ‘movement’.

cdn.sioyw.com / Via stickitonyourwall

Your parents had punk, FFS.

13. For you, Lovefoxxx from CSS is still the only other-half-of-a-Klaxon that’s ever been worth talking about.

Keira who?

14. You owned this t-shirt…

15. …and this impractical eyewear.

shared1.ad-lister.co.uk / Via ebay/Babz

Kanye has a lot to answer for.

16. You fell just one side or the other of the ‘top up fees’ divide.

Either you managed to sneak into the universities system in 2005/6 or earlier, thereby avoided £3,000 per year additional fees…

…or missed the boat and were among the first to fork out. Either way, these men were the worst.

(or you’re Scottish and avoided the whole thing)

i.telegraph.co.uk / Via Telegraph / Getty

17. You thought this was the funniest thing ever…

…and would constantly make references to being called “Old Greg”, “having a mangina” and cheese being “a kind of meat”.

18. You loved lamp.

You loved it so much that you kept saying the quote. Again and again and again. To all your friends. And they’d never ever tire of it…

…OK, they may have tired of it a bit.

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