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  • Watch These Cats Acting Like People

    Cats were domesticated a very long time ago and these cute creatures have been around us ever since. It seems that being around us so much, cats have picked up more human traits than we realize. Cats use treadmills to exercise, open doors, stand like humans and more. Check out this compilation of funny cats behaving like people.

  • Dogs Acting Like Humans

    There are a lot of animals behaving like humans but here is a compilation of cute funny dogs that behave like us. One dog is skating, a dog drives a car, dogs have fun like us, sit like as and more. Check it out

  • The Dramatic Dog

    Remember the dramatic cats videos that went viral in the past? Well…here is a dramatic dog :)

  • Apparently Animals Like Hair Dryers

    As you can see in this cute video compilation lots of pets and animals enjoy getting dried with hair dries. Dogs, cats, an owl…even a cute little duckling. Just look how adorable these creatures are, sitting there, waiting to be dried.

  • Animals Acting Funny

    This new video compilation will surely put a smile on your face. It’s made of short clips showing pets and animals acting funny. Enjoy! :)

  • This Cat Loves Champagne

    A funny adorable scottish fold cat loves drinking champagne from glass. This kitty likes it so much that it says yum yum or nom nom while doing it

  • Funny Animals Vines Compilation

    Here is a funny video compilation of best animals and pets vines. A talking sheep, a bear that waves hello, a dancing dog, a cool dog trick, a fat cat stuck, a dancing cat, a talking cat, a singing sloth and many more. Enjoy!

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