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    • friederiker

      I don’t think anyone suggests that-but it’s an interesting topic altogether. Singers aren’t models, it’sadifferent kind of hotness than that. If singers and actors are sexy, they are because they are good in what they’re doing. Hiddleston isagood example-to leave the world of opera foramoment-who typewise would not be remarkable in any other profession. Hardly anyone would advise him, “You should beamodel!” if he wasn’t an actor.Idon’t see that appreciation for looks lessers the acknowledgement of art, of work, skill, and years of study. (This discussion is over 200 years old btw.)

    • friederiker

      You obviously forgot to include countertenors. Philippe Jaroussky would be the first on my list there, and surely David Hansen would needamention. AndIagree: Do. Not. Mess. With. Dolora Zajick.

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