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    Let's All Appreciate How Beautiful Syria Is

    So after all the hectic disarray of insanity you've been seeing pouring out of the Syrian conflict, please take a deep breath and allow yourself to appreciate the beauty of this country.

    the old alleyways of Damascus

    hasan-bryiez / Via
    Hasan Bryiez / Via

    more Alleyways

    Traditional Old Damascene House


    this is the interior of the old traditional damascene house.

    Traditional Old Damascene House Courtyard

    Nader Gammas

    Feast your eyes upon the tranquility carried by the fountains in the center of each and every courtyard in old damascene homes. and sit in the shade of lemon trees that stand tall in those courtyards.


    This tiny village encompassed by mountain tops on the road between Damascus and Homs is the last place on the planet where Aramaic; the language of Jesus Christ, is still spoken by the inhabitants.

    Damascus By Night Per Mount Qasioun

    Via nahel abou hatab

    The oldest capital in the world as seen from Mount Qasioun, which, according to medieval myth, is where Cain Killed Abel.

    Let me quote Shakespeare here "This be Damascus, be thou cursed Cain, 8 To slay thy brother Abel, if thou wilt."

    Krak Des Chevaliers, Homs.


    Behold the most complete remains of a crusader castle in the world, Krak des chevaliers, in Homs, central Syria.

    Roman Theatre of Bosra, Southern Syria

    among the largest of its era.

    And, Of course, Palmyra!

    The city that once revolted against Rome, lead by Zenobia, an epic queen who refused to be a follower and demanded her freedom and got it, and was said to have been later executed in the streets of Rome.

    Her Majesty, Zenobia; Empress of the East

    Palmyran Artist

    Zenobia Facing The Unsettling Waves Of The Sea, Lattakia, Coastal Syria.

    Saladin Castle, Lattakia

    al-Samra, Lattakia, Coastal Syria

    Daniel Demeter / Via

    No, It's not Italy. Nope, neither Greece.

    It is simply Syria.

    More of al-Samra, Lattakia.

    Kessab, Lattakia.

    Daniel Demeter / Via

    the famous Kessab, Kim Kardashian and Cher asked to save it, so please do, but from the real danger.

    More of Kessab

    Anas Al-Rifai / Via

    Breathtaking, Right?

    Mashkita, Lattakia.


    Uh, the beauty.

    A Snowy Day At The Umayyad Square, Damascus

    Radia Ksayer / Via Facebook: RadiaKsayerPhotograghy

    Snow in the capital's Umayyad square, overlooking the Opera House and the Damascus Steel Sword monument.

    Ugarit, We Owe You


    Thanks to this little ancient Syrian city, we have our alphabet, and we enjoy Music!

    Thanks, Ugarit!


    The first alphabet in the history of humanity.

    Thanks Again, Ugarit!


    The first ever Music sheet! Aka, the Hurrian Hymn. there have been interpretations of it, go ahead and listen

    Apamea, Central Syria


    Another beautiful ancient city, Apamea.

    The Mosaics of Apamea

    Hotel Baron And Agatha Christie, Aleppo.


    Hotel Baron, Aleppo, where the one and only, Agatha Christie once stayed and worked on her novel "Murder on the orient express".

    Entrance To The Citadel of Aleppo.

    Umayyad Mosque Facade, Once A Church

    Christmas In Homs.


    Christmas In Homs 1.0


    Just Another Beautiful Mountain Top, Homs

    Taha Rifai

    Nothing to see here, just more beauty.

    Is Anyone Out There?

    Planet Syria Initiative / Via

    So basically, this beautiful pearl, Syria, is suffering.

    It is hurt and its wounds are pretty bad, please help us.

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