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    Your Government May Be Corrupt—But Is It Azerbaijan-Corrupt?

    Every country suffers from corruption, but some are worse than others. Nations in Transit 2014, a report released today by Freedom House, rates democratic development in 29 formerly communist countries. The list below illustrates the full range of malfeasance that can occur along the report’s 1–7 scale, with 7 indicating the worst performance.

    Slovenia (Score: 2.5)—Graft and Punishment

    Czech Republic (Score: 3.5)—Plying Bribes and Spying Brides

    Bulgaria (Score: 4.25)—The Political-Media Complex

    Albania (Score: 5.25)—Blind Justice

    Ukraine (Score: 6.25)—Thief in Chief

    Azerbaijan (Score: 6.75)—Dynastic Kleptocracy