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Proof You Are Actually A Servant To Your Dachshund

You may think you are the master, but really you aren't in charge at all.

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3. You must bring them beer and snacks when the game is on

Instagram: @ilove_dachshunds

4. You have to make sure their favorite book is handy to read while going to the bathroom

Instagram: @catecool

5. If they MUST take a bath, then always use a shower cap so you don't mess up their hairdos

Instagram: @corgianddachshund

6. You have to make sure their man bun is just right

Instagram: @goliath_the_sausagedog

7. You wake up early everyday to make them coffee so they can sleep in

Instagram: @river_the_mini_dachshund

9. They always take over the bed and you mustn't move them

Instagram: @dux_dachies

11. You have to carry their poop around until you find a garbage

Instagram: @musingsofmia

12. They expect you to make them dinner every night and do all the dishes after--the cook cleans!

Instagram: @cheesietrufflehotdogs

14. ...and then spend all your money...

Instagram: @tilda_the_teckel

15. ...on shopping sprees at Petsmart

Instagram: @ydwwyw

16. But nonetheless you love them and wouldn't have it any other way!

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