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12 Dead Musicians In Need Of A Biopic (And The Actors Who Should Play Them)

After the news that the long speculated Jimi Hendrix biopic starring André 3000 is getting the green light, one can't help but wonder which deceased musician will be next in line to have a film made about their life.

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1. Andrew Garfield as Sid Vicious

Yes, Gary Oldman still pretty much owns Sid Vicious after his powerhouse performance in Sid & Nancy back in 1986. But that was 26 years ago. If Marvel can get away with rebooting the Spiderman franchise after 5, then we're already long overdue for another Sex Pistols movie.

Danny Boyle to direct.

2. Josh Gad as John Belushi

With credits that include The Daily Shows and the Book of Mormon, Josh Gad might be the only actor working today with both the musical and comedy chops needed to step into the ex-Blues Brothers' formidable shoes.

Ruben Fleischer to direct.

3. Zach Galifianakis as Jerry Garcia

Two fat guys with beards, ok, I admit it, they just kind of look alike.

Whatever, everyone loves the Grateful Dead and everyone loves Zach Galifianakis, so why doesn't Hollywood just get it together and make this one already?

Jason Reitman to direct.

4. Matt Smith as Nick Drake

An obvious choice when you consider the fact that, like Drake, Smith has a reputation as something of a rakish dandy (especially when compared to his Doctor Who predecessors) and isn't afraid to tap into his sensitive side when the scene calls for it.

Gus Van Sant to direct.

5. Kate Mara as Janis Joplin

Unlike her sister, Rooney "Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" Mara, Kate has exactly the right kind of retor-glamour appeal you'd want when casting someone like the soulful Joplin.

Cameron Crowe to direct.

7. Paul Dano as Elliott Smith

Beyond their looks, there is no denying that both Smith and Dano share a quiet contemplativeness that, in the hands of the right director, would probably make for a really good movie.

Paul Thomas Anderson to direct.

8. Andrew Lincoln as Joe Strummer

In case you didn't know, Andrew Lincoln (a.k.a. "Rick" from The Walking Dead) is British, so would be the perfect candidate to play the famed Clash frontman.

Darren Aronofsky to direct.

9. Andre Royo (a.k.a. "Bubbles" from The Wire) as Bob Marley

Although he hasn't quite found a role to equal the gravitas of The Wire since it ended in 2008, Royo would still make an excellent Bob Marley

David O. Russell to direct.

10. Jack White as Marc Bolan

Maybe an odd choice now. But back during his tenure in the White Stripes, some would say White's stage-presence and personal style was perfectly evocative of the T.Rex frontman.

Todd Haynes to direct.

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