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You Know You're A Chi Delta Theta When...

We all know the signs of sisterhood.

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1. You're all obsessed with the same T.V. show.

You and your sisters have that one special show you can always count on to get the party started. You know what it is – you guys have watched, and memorized word for word, all 9 seasons of The King of Queens. It's Chi Delta Theta tradition. Grab a blanket, a pint of Ben & Jerry's, and pop in disc three of your box set, cause you're in for some quality bonding time.

2. You can borrow each other's stuff without asking.

We all have those days when we lose, or forget, our retainers. Good thing you have your Chi sisters around to help you out. A true sister will never let you go without a retainer in your mouth for even one night. Now that's sisterhood.

3. You aren't afraid to admit when you're wrong.

Chi Delts stay true to themselves, even when that means spending a night in the Shame Chamber. Every CDT has had a time (or two) when they've said that the star of Panic Room was Helen Hunt, not Jodie Foster. One night in the ole SC to right your wrong is worth it for a lifetime of support and sisterhood.

4. You put your sisters before your mister.

While boys are great, nothing can compare to the love and support you get from your sisters. You'll cancel a date with your boyfriend at the drop of a hat if one of your sisters needs a Netflix night. Good thing you all share one, communal boyfriend- one of the other girls can pick up the slack tonight.

5. You can name your founders in a heartbeat.

Sure, some other sororities might claim they learned their history, but us Chi Delts really know our roots. Just ask us, and we'll tell you who started Chi Delta Theta: Mary Todd Lincoln, Kelsey Grammer, and Smurfette. Any time, any place – we're prepared.

6. Your big is your best friend.

Everyone needs a BFF. For us Chi Delts, that person is our Big. They've helped you through pledge. They've stayed up with you when you had to pull that all-nighter for Advanced Calc. They've even met your parents! No one knows you better than your Big, and exchanging kidneys only proves that even more. That way, you'll always have a part of her- wherever you go. It's just how us Chi Delta Thetas do it. <3

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