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A Better Business Bureau Inspection Of The Love Shack

Customers, be warned.

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Dear Business Owner;

I am writing you today to address my recent inspection of your hotel, the Love Shack. After the Better Business Bureau received multiple complaints from your previous customers regarding the general maintenance of your establishment, I was sent to conduct an evaluation.

The first red flag I noticed was the sign about 30 minutes out from your business. It was faded, shoddily propped up on the side of the road, reading "15 MILES TO THE LOVE SHACK." The sign was clearly not ordained by the state, given its hot pink color and non-regulation heart shape. These factors lead me to believe it was, in fact, planted on the side of the Atlanta Highway by your business. Signs not ordained by the Atlanta State Council for Traffic Postings and General Roadside Markings, under ATL 57.052, are strictly prohibited. I suggest you remove the sign as soon as possible to avoid being issued a fine.

Once I arrived at the Love Shack, I was shocked to find glitter coating the tires of my car, seemingly accumulated while I was taking the highway exit that leads to your business. Unfortunately, the glitter on my tires was not the only mess I would encounter that day. Your business was incredibly unkempt, with glitter not only on the highway surrounding the Love Shack (which, after the sign issue I addressed earlier, I have no doubt was placed by you), but also on the front porch of your business, as well as on the mattress in my room. The glitter, which your business failed to clean up and remove, is a health hazard. The BBB strictly enforces our sanitation policy on all hotels, motels, and other lodging businesses, so I had to dock the Love Shack points for the lack of cleanliness.

The Love Shack's failures to comply with BBB guidelines did not stop at your organization's maintenance alone – your personnel's blatant disregard for customer service also got you points docked. Upon trying to enter the Love Shack, I found the door locked, and – while not technically a violation – I found the sign on the door stating "Stay away, fools!" to be off-putting. I knocked on the door, hoping someone would let me in, but the only response I received was a Love Shack employee, saying to me from the other side of the door, "Knock a little louder, sugar!" and "I can't hear you!" even though the they could clearly hear me. After about 5 minutes, the employee finally unlocked the door and let me in, giving me no apology for their flagrant ignorance of my attempts to enter.

Once inside, I was shocked by what your staff was wearing. I understand that it is very hot in your establishment - which, again, got you docked points; air conditioning is required by the BBB when temperatures outside are over 80 degrees Fahrenheit - but "next to nothing" is not an acceptable uniform (not to mention, pretty unappealing to the eye). I was also disgusted by some of your guests' shameless displays of sexual activity in your lobby. I understand that your customers' activities are not completely under your control, but you should enforce stricter guidelines on your guests to avoid making other customers uncomfortable. There were also multiple customers whose needs were being ignored by your staff – the line at your front desk was so long, folks were lining up outside just to get service.

Finally, on a base level, the building your business is housed in is very poorly constructed. While in my room, I could literally feel the walls shaking from my neighbors' activities. Additionally, there were multiple leaks in my room, caused by the tin roof – rusted – that the Love Shack has neglected to fix or replace.

Your business violated multiple Better Business Bureau guidelines, so I was forced to give the Love Shack an "F" rating. Please address and take care of our complaints as soon as possible.


Charlie Burton

Better Business Bureau Inspector

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