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11 Embarrassing Things We All Looked Up After Watching "Whiplash"

Everybody loved the Oscar nominated american drama Whiplash. But admit it, we all had some questions after watching it.

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1. Was it based on a true story?

2. How much sweat did the sweaty drummer boy sweat out of his sweat holes?

Allstar / Sportsphoto Ltd./Allstar

3. Is JK SImmons REALLY bald? Like, for real?????

4. ... and what does his bald head represent ?

5. What's the meaning of JK Simmons' Bald head?! Tell me!!!!

6. Why isn't the drummer boy also bald?

7. Why don't you ever see any of the characters eating soup?! This drove me crazy!

Daniel Mcfadden

8. Why all the Jeans?!?!

9. When will drums become extinct?

10. How does the Looper end up closing his Loop?

11. Where were all the subtitles?! Were we really supposed to guess what they were saying the whole time?

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