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    • frankv7

      How to thankasoldier We were there to defend you in your time of need. Please give us the tools to defend ourselves. 1. Abolish the Feres Doctrine let us sue for damages when we are hurt 2. Abolish the statute of limitation if the government oragovernment employee concealsaproblem that results in our injury 3. Amend the Federal Tort Claims Act so we can sue for damages any federal employees who intentional harm us 4. Amend the Veterans Administration let us see any doctor we want why do foreign national criminals and prisoners entitled to better medical care than veterans? Ifaveteran wants to go to the VA for medical care, let them. Ifaveteran wants to seeaprivate doctor, let them. We have at least1million veterans who are expected to travel more than an hour to seeadoctor.

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