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DIY Ripped Jeans

Topshop says $80, I say just a bit of your time.

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What you'll need:

1. A pair of jeans

2. A box cutter or X-Acto knife.

3. Sand paper

4. Something hard such as cardboard or a book.

5. Tweezers

Step 1: Use a pen or sharpie marker to place where you want your holes to be.

I decided to just wing-it and see how it went. But I know if you're looking for instructions on how to rip your jeans, you're probably a planner.

Step 3: Using your box cutter or X-Acto knife cut a slit in the jeans.

Note: Make sure to put something such as a book or piece of cardboard inside your jean before cutting or you may end up cutting through the back of the jean as well.

Step 5: Depending on the size of the hole that you want continue to cut slits and pull the white threads until you are satisfied.

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