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    65 Thoughts You Have During Sorority Recruitment

    It's all fun and games until someone's hair is flat.

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    1. The doors are about to open

    2. You're a natural frowner…make sure you're smiling.

    3. And we're bouncing

    4. Wow the PNM's just keep coming

    5. It's like a clown car

    6. My legs are so sore

    7. I can't believe this is only set 1

    8. I wonder if anyone else is out of breath already

    9. Okay I'm next

    10. Don't forget to smile

    11. Sit up straight

    12. Ask her where she's from

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    13. Minnesota? You've got to be kidding me.

    14. I've got nothing to relate to Minnesota

    15. What am I going to talk to this girl about for fifteen minutes?

    16. Ask her what her major is

    17. Biomedical engineering? I mean seriously?

    18. I could tell her about that time I got my wisdom teeth out, that was medical.

    19. It is so hot in here

    20. I'm sweating

    21. Can she see that I'm sweating?

    22. Is the air even on in here?

    23. CAN I GET SOME AIR?!

    24. You'd think for the amount we pay in dues they could turn on the air conditioning.

    25. And now we're just staring at each other.

    26. Say something, you have to say something.

    27. Really anything will do.

    28. "So do you like ice cream?"

    29. And she's allergic to dairy

    30. Where is this girl to bump me?

    31. Ask another question

    32. "Is it hot outside?"

    33. Obviously it's hot outside. Dumb question.

    34. Oh she thinks she's exhausted from recruitment?

    35. I bet it is exhausting having people showering you with compliments.

    36. While one of us was up till 3 am decorating the house.

    37. Then got up at 6 am to shower so she could spend the day lesbian speed dating.

    38. This is awkward.

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    39. Finally this girl to bump me is here.

    40. Don't forget to introduce the PNM.

    41. "This is Sam."

    42. Why is she looking at me like that?

    43. Ohhh, because her name is Sarah.

    44. Probably should have looked at her nametag.

    45. Well good thing that's over.

    46. On to the next one.

    47. Ooo she looks nice.

    48. I like her hair, how does she get her hair like that?

    49. Can I get my hair like that?

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    50. We're the same major!

    51. She likes pasta! I studied abroad in Italy.

    52. This is fate.

    53. We're going to be best friends.

    54. If I was taking a little this year. She'd be my little.

    55. Should I take a little?

    56. No, remember all the crafting.

    57. I'll just make my little take her.

    58. OMG I'll be her grand-big

    59. We're gonna have such a good family.

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    60. Time to go?

    61. Goodbye rush crush…until tomorrow.

    62. I wonder if she knows she's my rush crush.

    63. Am I her rush crush?

    64. Wow this was exhausting.

    65. Only 248 more rounds to go.

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