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Fleece Forecast For Fall 2017

Among the harbingers of autumn—all things pumpkins, really—none quite, sartorially-speaking, mark the change in seasons as a fall fleece. For fall's in-between weather, few garms really serve to keep you warm and wind-proof. (Alternatively, a good fleece is a sure-thing for offices that are always dialed to frigid.) Below, the best of the bunch, ranging from the economical to couture, for men, women, and kiddos. Stay stylish and swarthy out there, pumpkin fanatics.

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No serious discussion of fleece lacks a nod to Patagonia, the ur-brand for fuzzy pullovers and zip-ups, available in a kaleidoscope of colors.


The Synchilla, a standard on college campuses every homecoming. Get yours and prepare to feel swaddled by an eco-friendly blanket.

Price: $139.00 - $59.00 for men; $119.00 - $49.00 for women; $79.00 and below for kids

Adventure gear haberdashers The North Face also have a strong fleece game. Their gear tends towards the more technical but is no less suitable for the streets or hills.

Via women

Their response to the Synchilla, nothing less than the iconic Denali Jacket, which has recently undergone a redesign. Cop the sequel today.

Price: $189.00 - $179.00 for men; $199.00 - $179.00 for women

In the triage war between Patagonia and The North Face, Columbia stands apart with its practical and ample fleece offerings.


Cheap and customizable, a Columbia fleece will keep you warm and your wallet far from empty. Better yet, much of their selection is currently on sale.

Price: $34.99 for men; $34.99 for women; $24.99 for boys; $24.99 for girls

The fleece vest, a dear cousin to the full-sleeved deal. Born amidst New England nor'easters, Penfield has mastered the silhouette. No new vests.


The Massachusetts brand has a hip take on the fleece vest for 2017. Take a look, ladies and gents.

Price: $135.00 for men; $135.00 for women

Fjällräven, the brand behind the well-trod backpack has apparel too, should you want (need) to complement the ensemble.


Add Nordic ingenuity and sensibility to your fall ‘fits. (And maybe these fleeces will even fit in those tidy knapsacks!)

Price: $110.00 for men; $110.00 for women

Now we’re getting real technical here. Arc’Teryx is regarded as a premier provider of outdoor wear and they bring that detail to their fleece wares.

This luxe take on the everyman fleece isn’t cheap, but neither does it lack in quality material and serious craft thanks to the geniuses at Our Legacy.


Only available in black, this fleece was made for the de rigueur ensembles of the fashion meccas of the world.

Price: $341.63 for men

With this piece, from J.W. Anderson x A$AP Rocky and AWGE, we head to the stratosphere. A sumptuous bit of couture, it is sure to make the fashion set salivate. Its price tag, however, is not for the faint of heart.


Your fashion friend’s favorite designer, Jonathan Anderson, and your favorite rapper, A$AP Rocky, got together to bring you this “Teddy Fur Jacket.” It stretches the outer limits of what qualifies as fleece as well as your bank account.

Price: $1,300.00 for men

All right, back to earth. Japanese basics go-to Uniqlo has a fleece that comes without pretension.


Equip the whole family in these comfy and practical fleeces and put a spin on the holiday card photo op. Uniqlo often seems like it’s having a sale, and its fleece collection is no exception!

Price: $5.90 for men; $5.90 for women; $19.90 for boys; $19.90 for girls

We live in an age of gorpcore. Hopefully, now you've found the fleece for all of your fall feels.

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