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    18 Fanny Packs You'll Want To Buy Immediately

    Waist not, want not.

    We hear it about once every two years (or once every... twelve-ish Fashion Weeks. There are too many Fashion Weeks.): the fanny pack has returned.

    1. A convertible croc-effect waist bag, for extra versatility.

    2. A galaxy-printed fanny pack that will leave both hands free to pilot a starship.

    3. An eye-catching pack perfect for holding your essentials and advertising your fashion cred.

    4. A pretty pack that looks as good draped across a chest as it does cinched around a waist.

    5. A teeny tiny belt bag, which will make packing light easy and adorable.

    6. A futuristic fanny pack with major Fifth Element vibes.

    7. A streamlined fanny pack that's stylish, yet subdued.

    8. A spacious fanny pack poised to usurp your messenger bag's place in your heart (and across your shoulder).

    9. A sporty pack that's equal parts high altitude and high fashion.

    10. A camo-lined fanny pack perfect for hiding valuables.

    11. A slinky pack with a dark floral print that screams "FALL!"

    12. A bumbag whose tassels might encourage gratuitous hip-shaking.

    13. A suede pack that will add a little western flair to your southern half.

    14. A color-blocked waist pack with a retro summer camp look.

    15. A quilted pack that's very "ladies who lunch [with fanny packs]".

    16. A minimalist fanny pack that will kill the "tacky tourist" connotation once and for all.

    17. A rose gold fanny pack, because "pop of shine" is the new "pop of color".

    18. And finally, a super-luxe leather fanny pack decorated with scarabs and lions, which looks like something a pharaoh would wear to fashion week.