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A Mashup For Your Winter Season This 2016

Snuggle in your blankets as you listen to this mashup during the cold season.

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2015's over and you've heard a lot of year-end mashups. But mashups still don't stop there. Even during winter, mashups are still being made and posted.

icemftmm / Via

That's why this great mashup artist on YouTube named WELLiyaki Mashups has made a 20-song mashup with the recent and late-released hits of 2015.

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It does feature Adele's Hello and her flipphone!

entenman / Via

Drake, who you used to call on his cellphone!

drake-has-feels / Via

And all of Troye Sivan's singles of 2015... WILD, FOOLS, TALK ME DOWN, and YOUTH!

crazytronnor / Via

But it doesn't stop there, a lot more mashup artists will be making their own so you better start finding mashups like this, like right now.

plaincut / Via

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