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    38 Products On Amazon Our Readers Are Loving Right Now

    Comfy dresses, a shampoo brush, and 36 other favorite products from our recent posts.

    1. A face peel that'll end the suffering of your oily, clogged skin.

    2. A double layer makeup bag for anyone who has ever spent way too much time trying to stuff makeup brushes into a tiny space.

    3. A V neck halter dress that'll help you end the summer in style.

    4. A 2-pack of Tide to go pens so you can fight stains wherever you are.

    5. A pair of tortoise sunnies that will up your cool factor while protecting you from the sun.

    6. A bluetooth speaker that packs serious power for its size.

    7. A colorful passport holder with RFID blocking technology, for the perfect travel wallet.

    8. A shampoo brush that'll make your scalp and hair feel brand new.

    9. A collectible figure of Bob Ross so he can make good things happen in your heart, forever.

    10. A surge protector that will swivel the mess out of your outlets.

    11. A cute color-blocked dress that comes with pockets β€” truly the dream.

    12. A creative journal to treasure your true weird self.

    13. A matte liquid lipstick that'll give your lips the color and comfort they deserve, all day long.

    14. A pair of adorable knee high socks you'll fall head over ~heels~ for.

    15. A geometric patterned dress to comfortably conform to your shape.

    16. An outlet odor eliminator that doesn't need a whole corner of your house to de-stink dog farts, garbage, bathrooms... you name it.

    17. A powerful mini steamer for getting the wrinkles out of your clothes with ~minimal effort~.

    18. A scallop dress ideal for your next night out.

    19. A flowy chiffon dress with long sleeves to keep you nice and cool.

    20. A 30-pack of Elmer's glue sticks that'll ensure you're really ready for back to school.

    21. A loose fitting v-neck blouse for adding some versatility to your wardrobe.

    22. A bell sleeve tunic dress perfect for anyone who loves embroidery.

    23. A sea salt spray so you can have ~beach waves~ without having to go to the beach.

    24. A gorgeous off-the-shoulder dress to help you live your best life.

    25. A hair dryer that'll help shorten your morning hair routine.

    26. A sleeveless halter neck dress as comfortable as it is pretty.

    27. A jasmine mint toothpaste that'll make you (and your teeth) feel luxurious.

    28. A baseball-tee dress to show off your curves and keep you comfy.

    29. A mini vacuum that will make cleaning your desk and tables fun.

    30. A microfiber towel here to save the day! It's fast-drying, antibacterial, soft, durable and compact.

    31. A durable gym bag with plenty of compartments to hold your sweaty stuff with grace.

    32. An elegant floral print maxi dress you can dress up or down with ease.

    33. A 2-pack baking mat to make baking and cooking a breeze.

    34. A slim wallet that's sure to please any minimalist.

    35. An extra thick yoga mat with a carrying strap to add some comfort to hard floors.

    36. A toilet seat illuminator so you can find your way to the bathroom using every color of the rainbow.

    37. A counter gap cover to stop food messes from getting between your counters.

    38. And a 5-pack of exercise bands to simplify your workout routine.

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.