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    22 Unique Ways To Create A Cozy Slanted Ceiling Attic Room

    Feel like the walls are closing in? Transform your attic room to the ultimate hideaway.

    1. Private bed with curtains


    Inclined ceilings make it easy to install curtains.

    2. Unique loft beds


    Take advantage of the triangle shape to create this cool loft bed and common area.

    3. Exquisite boho small bedroom


    Sloped ceilings promotes a soothing atmosphere that eases you into bed.

    4. Dorm-style bedroom with underbed storage

    Christina Mogk / Via

    Save space and store your stuff underneath your bed.

    5. Dreamy netted canopy bed

    Cindy / Via

    Slanted ceilings are perfect for making canopy beds.

    6. One-of-a-kind hanging branch rack

    Kelly Donovan / Via

    Experiment with bold design elements by playing with diagonals in your room.

    7. Relaxing suspended egg chair


    FINALLY, you have a place to put a hanging chair.

    8. And a hanging side table

    9. Basically any furniture that hangs works really well

    10. Skylights to wake you up

    11. Accented slanted wall to admire while lying down

    Kim / Via

    Lovely art to entrance you to sleep.

    Lisa Mabey / Via

    12. Poster "wallpaper"

    Anne / Via

    This is an easy way to really spice up your walls.

    13. Spacious walk-in closet

    Rachel Wray Thompson / Via

    Separate your room to create a walk-in closet. Sooo much closet envy.

    14. Clever closet space


    15. Cozy reading nook

    M.Y. / Via

    My inner-child want to snuggle up and read all the Harry Potter books here.

    16. Library of your dreams

    17. Private day bed


    A good place to sneak away.

    18. Gorgeous sun room


    Enjoy beautiful panoramic views and treetops with wide windows.

    19. Ultimate game room


    Create drama with "stadium" seating. I see beer pong potential.

    20. Bright living room space


    Let there be light!

    21. Private office space

    Kathy Woodard / Via

    Get shit done!

    22. Corner desk space


    All your supplies are ready at hand.