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10 Creative Solutions For Your Messy Rental Kitchen

Keep the peace with your landlord with these temporary solutions to personalize your kitchen.

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Kitchens are the most difficult spaces to spruce up. While bedrooms and living rooms can be rearranged and refurnished, kitchen equipment can't be moved or replaced easily. As a renter, it's easy to feel powerless when trying to fix up your kitchen.

You don't have to be stuck with an ugly kitchen. We've gathered the best style hacks for organizing your cooking space and masking hideous stains and scuffs. Keep the peace with your landlord with these temporary solutions to personalize your kitchen.

1. Hide Blah Walls With A Cool Backsplash

Anna Dorfman/Door Sixteen / Via

Maybe the walls in your kitchen are a bit dull. Perhaps you have hideous wallpaper that actually gives you eyesores. Whatever the case, cover your walls with pretty removable decals or self-adhesive vinyl. If you’re feeling extra handy, paint your own design on plywood and stick it up with Velcro.

2. Reclaim Your Kitchen Floor With A Rug

Courtesy of David Meyer Home / Via

My first apartment had the grossest kitchen floors. I had white tiles with scuff marks and impossible-to-remove stains. Even though I mopped and scrubbed the floors constantly, it always looked dirty. Roll out a washable kitchen rug or floor cloth to cover up any imperfections.

3. Cover Ugly Countertops With Cutting Boards

Didriks / Via Flickr: dinnerseries

Unfortunately, countertops are one of the toughest things to renovate in the kitchen. Dress up the surface with large cutting board or wooden tray for a rustic look. Colorful serving trays will also brighten up dull areas.

4. Add Personal Flair With Lined Drawers

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When guests walk into your kitchen, they won’t immediately notice the inside of your drawers. This décor choice is mostly for your personal pleasure. Line drawers with a funky contact paper that you’ll enjoy looking at everyday.

5. Hang Up Pots and Pans

Ah Love Oil & Vinegar / Via

If you’re apartment came with a built-in rack, create a marvelous display of your pots and pans. Free up space by using S-hooks to dangle kitchenware from rails and pegboards as well. Tension rods work brilliantly for hanging lighter items like cooking utensils and measuring cups.

6. Mount Your Magnetic Knife Block Without Drilling

PMGWorks / Via

Magnetic Knife Blocks are a must-have for small kitchens. It frees up countertop space for preparing food. Many magnetic knife blocks have to be drilled into the wall – a big no-no for many rentals. Install the magnetic strip with heavy duty Command Strips. Attach two strips on each end to ensure the strip doesn’t budge.

7. Keep Things Tidy With Kitchen Drawer Organizers

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Just because you don’t have built-in cabinet organizers doesn’t mean you can get away with throwing your kitchen supplies carelessly in drawer. Organize your shit with drawer containers – which can be found for cheap in many home goods stores. Trust me, this will save you a lot time when you’re looking for your ice cream scooper.

8. Forget The Spice Rack. Attach Your Spices To The Fridge.

Megan Hastings / Via

It would be nice to have a spice rack for ready at hand for any culinary exploits. You can still have your deasily accessible with magnetic spice containers. They can be purchased at most places. Make your own by purchasing tiny containers at a craft store and attaching the magnets yourself.

9. Use Trays to Clear Countertop Clutter

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Multi-tiered tray stands are incredibly useful for storing items on the countertop. Salt and pepper grinders, cooking oils, vinegars, and other cooking essentials can be kept neatly (and stylishly) on basket platters and patterned flat trays.

10. Make More Space With A Kitchen Cart

Ashley Rose / Via

Need more cabinets and drawers? If you’re kitchen can handle the room, kitchen carts can add extra storage space and can double up as countertop chopping station. The kitchen cart can be easily stowed away to make more room when needed.

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