What Your Pets Do When They’re Late For Work

Slept through the alarm? Boss going to kill you? Don’t worry, it’s happened to hundreds of cats, dogs, cheetahs and turtles before you.

1. You know how it is, you’re up late at a bangin’ party

2. Stumble home in the early hours

3. Sleep the best sleep of your life

4. …So good that you sleep right through the alarm

6. No sweat, you’ll be there in minutes

7. …If you’re in shape.

8. So you hop on your scooter

9. Or your skateboard

10. Or just strap on your rollerskates

11. If you’ve got your own car, that helps

13. Otherwise you might have to take the subway

14. Or hitch a ride with a passing bicycle

16. And accept you’re not going to arrive in style, like this

17. After all, this is the daily commute, not some kind of skiing holiday

18. You hope you can sneak in without being noticed

19. But your boss notices everything.

20. Maybe it’s time to start working from home.

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