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    30 Strange But Delightful Vintage Photos Of Animals

    Animals were weird in days gone by.

    1. A young girl is attacked by an egret

    2. A dog dressed as a businessman with a cat on his lap

    3. A stork(?) goes for a jog

    4. A dog boxes with a small boy

    5. A child in a bowler hat with his pet lioncubs

    6. A woman takes her pet snake out for a slither

    7. A woman and a kangaroo go bowling

    8. A dog and a baby named Spanky strike a pose

    9. A penguin is given a bath

    10. A bulldog dressed as a British soldier

    11. An actor reads the paper, with a tiny puppy in his pocket

    12. A little dog plays guitar

    13. A gentleman rides in a zebra-drawn carriage

    14. A cheetah enjoys some retail therapy

    15. A dog practices his silver service

    16. An awkward family photo

    17. Crossing the road

    18. A fine gentleman and his lady wife in their Sunday best

    19. A DONKEY and a girl reading together

    20. A baseball player rides a cow

    21. A little girl and her dog

    22. Man and horse share a civilised luncheon

    23. An unsuspecting child is pounced on by a bear

    24. A happy child and a happy cat

    25. An equine of some kind hitches a ride

    26. I have no idea what is going on here

    27. Two boys and their dog. Hats optional.

    28. You've got something in your beard..

    29. A woman riding side-saddle

    30. The Cat(s) in the Hat