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What Is Your Weekend Horoscope?

It's not my fault, Mercury was in retrograde...

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You have been running yourself a bit thin lately, Aries. Stop neglecting your own needs this weekend and DO YOU! If you cancel a meeting or flake out on friends, it's okay. You are always doing things for others anyway. This weekend you'll find yourself in a refreshingly positive mood. Take this time to do something for yourself that you've been putting off. It's called "me time".

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Approach this weekend with caution, Taurus. You have an upcoming event that has been on your radar for some time now. Keep things low key and your energy leveled. You are known for your bold personality and sometimes that can come off in a slightly negative way. Just stay zen and true to yourself. People will admire you for your true being when you give them the opportunity to get close enough to you!

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At the beginning of your weekend you will encounter a minor set back, Gemini, but that's okay! You're going to be thrown for a bit of a loop which will make you lose your temper for a little. It may be embarrassing at the time but it won't last all weekend! The universe will feel bad and send you some good vibes in the end. This will help you resolve whatever issue you had and end your weekend on the up-and-up.

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They don't call it spring cleaning for nothing, Cancer. This weekend is your time to get that feng shui back in your home. You've been neglecting little (or big) projects around the house for a while now. Putting positive energy into your surrounding space will ultimately bring good vibes into your everyday life. It's a big task but the reward is even greater.

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Not everyone thinks the way you do, Leo. This weekend you might find yourself in a bit of a disagreement with someone else. Don't waste your energy trying to change someone's mind or point of view. It is okay to agree to disagree. Save your energy for things you can change, fights worth fighting.

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Be leery of your money this weekend, Virgo. You have been totally eyeing a purchase for a while, but a part of you is still hesitant. Don't listen to anyone trying to pressure you, even if they have your best interest at heart. Listen to your gut and take things slowly. Use this weekend to really assess your needs and financial means.

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Something is unbalanced in your life, Libra. This weekend it will become very clear to you of a relationship that is no longer just and equal. It is extremely unhealthy when one person has all of the power. The scales are tipping and it is time to make some serious changes. Kick them to the curb because the relationship won't last much longer unless you two come to an agreement and permanent compromise.

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It's time to go against the crowd, Scorpio. This weekend, stop being a follower and start being a wanderer. Lately, you've been bogged down by the all of the mob mentality consuming your energy. Go off the beaten path this weekend and find your own groove. It is much more refreshing and rewarding!

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Before you can start your weekend, Sagittarius, you have to take care of things at work. You are needed in a big way! You hold the key to the solution that some very important people need. Don't shy away. Let your ideas be heard. You will be praised for it but soon forgotten. Use this opportunity to remind them in the future; some people have short memories.

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It is time to learn your self-worth, Capricorn. Lately, you've been feeling inferior to your peers, like they don't want to hear your opinion or ideas. Wrong! This weekend is your time to shine. Share what has been on your mind and brewing in that head of yours. You'll be surprised about how receptive they are. Don't let one judgemental person stand in your way. Keep having the important discussions and leave the haters behind.

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It is like you can read people's mind, Aquarius. You are so in sync with a close group of friends or significant other. Being in touch with your own energy and how well it can be matched with others can be a bit confusing to those who don't have the same level of synchrony as you. Don't be too eager to finish their sentences. Let them discover how well paired you guys are first before fully embracing this bond.

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You are extra charismatic this weekend, Pisces. Use this to your advantage when trying to get something that you want. Paired with your charm, you will be able to sway a group of people towards your own agenda without seeming overly pushy. Be persistent and firm when it comes to making plans. The outcome will leave friends wanting more.

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