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Want To Drink A Beer While Doing Yoga? Now You Can.

Namaste right here and drink a beer.

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BeerYoga, or BierYoga (as the Germans say), originated in, yep you guessed it, Germany. Since then, it has traveled to places like Taiwan and Australia, and we're starting to think that Berlin hipsters were on to something.

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BeerYoga combines the act of yoga-ing while drinking a beer. According to BierYoga, it pairs the philosophy of yoga with the bliss of drinking beer to allow you to reach your highest level of consciousness.

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Co-founders Jhula and Emily, of BierYoga, believe it's for both beer loving yoga enthusiasts and yoga loving beer enthusiasts. So, where can I sign up?!

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Since word got out of this GENIUS form of exercise, many versions of the German BierYoga have popped up in the United States.

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The Bronx Brewery, in New York, offers Brew You Yoga taught by Leanne Maciel. She marries the act of brewing beer with the act of brewing your mind and soul. After the class, enjoy a flight of five beers as a fun reward. The next class being offered is May 20th, so sign up now!

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Brew-Yoga by Good Bibes is offered at various breweries in Los Angeles, California and are taught by certified E-RYT200 Yoga Teachers. You even have the option to join in on a 30 minute pre-BeerYoga run (if you're an overachiever). The class includes a draft beer at the end for all of your hard work. The next class is April 29 at Golden Road Brewing, so go sign up literally right this second.

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Now, while these classes aren't quite the same as the German BierYoga, it certainly is a step in the right direction! Ommmmm.

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