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The D.L. About The Most Popular Dating Apps

Dating these days almost always starts behind the computer or smartphone. This new online dating world can be kind of tricky. Luckily, I've been single long enough to try them all before you dive headfirst into cheesy pick-up lines and ghosting! Read below for the brutally honest truth about the most popular dating apps.

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Tinder, Inc.

Ahhh, Tinder! This was probably everyone's first online dating app. As far as online dating goes, it has your basic, easy features. See someone you like? Swipe right. See someone you'd wish to pass on? Swipe left. If you both swipe right, it's a MATCH! Although I have heard of those fairy tale Tinder success stories, the general connotation of the app is flirty and well... DTF. I would highly recommend this app for someone who is getting back into the dating scene after a while or for a casual hookup. The mindless swipe right generation was birthed from Tinder, but I am guilty of feeling hot af every time I get a match.



OkCupid ixnays mindless right swiping and attempts to add more depth to the dating scene. What I really like about this app is that you answer a series of questions about yourself. They ask all types of questions from religious beliefs, social habits, to simply if you are a dog or cat person (I'm a die-hard dog lover so the answer to this question is vital). These critical questions are then used to generate a match percent with each possible connection. See someone cute with a really high match percent? Message them! The part that gets a bit hairy is that anyone on the app can reach out to you leaving the door wide open for a huge creeper party. If you have the patience to ween through cheesy pickup lines multiple times a day, then you might just find your hunk on OKCupid!


Bumble Trading, Inc.

Bumble is the app that women have been waiting for! It works similarly to Tinder's swiping right or left with a mutual swipe right being a MATCH. The cool thing about this app is that it *shatters* gender roles. When a match is created, the girl has to message the guy first within 24 hours or the match expires. If both parties are of the same sex, either one can reach out first. Unfortunately, there is a major flaw in this. A lot of guys on this app seem to have graduated from Tinder Academy with a B.S. (bulls**t) in mindless right swiping! It seems like guys will swipe, swipe, swipe until they get a match and then actually look at the profile and decide to pass. But hey, who knows, maybe your future hubby has a clumsy thumb.


Hinge, Inc.

Hinge is definitely one of my favorite apps. They recently revamped their app to invite more personality and quirkiness to the world of online dating. Instead of just posting a few frat pictures and a shirtless photo from spring break 2012, the app helps you build a mini profile that allows you to answer a few questions scattered throughout your photos. Some quirks it suggests you share are your bucket list, a funny first kiss story, or just a list a binge-worthy tv shows. In addition, it only allows you to "like" a limited number of profiles a day, ultimately eliminating the swipe right culture. The downfall with this app is that it has now created the notion of mindless left swiping! I guess we all have to kiss a few frogs before we find our prince?


FTW & Co.

Happn is the dating app for people in big cities. This app connects you with potential matches who you have literally crossed paths with everyday. And I mean literally, as in within 250 meters of a potential match. Before you get freaked out (because I definitely did), the app only uses your GPS to connect you with others and does not display your location in real-time. This app is great for that commuter cutie or bar babe you see all the time but never had a reason to speak to. Here is your chance to tell them that you stalked their walk to work and coincidentally ended up at the same coffee shop as them even though you work downtown. It's really not that creepy, trust me. I mean, have you been on Craigslist lately?


Ok, I have to be honest here and admit that I have never used Match before. But everyone who is anyone knows that is the OG of online dating. With Match, you have to have a monthly subscription that you can use on your computer or through an app on your smart phone. Either way, you create a profile that shares pictures and testimonials where you can express how you love long walks on the beach and getting caught in the rain. The cool thing is that you can begin to connect with people via an anonymous email network (no, not as creepy as Chat Roulette) and decide to share your personal information only when you feel comfortable. The online dating app allows you to have a real life You've Got Mail steamy relationship!

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