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What's Your Most Insane Blind Date Horror Story?

Spill the tea.

Going on a blind date is extremely stressful. Will there be chemistry? Will you find them attractive? Are they a serial killer?


Regardless, you got dressed up and dragged yourself to what could have been a life-changing night. But instead...


Maybe your date showed up 45 minutes late and six drinks deep, only to projectile vomit across the table, completely drenching you.


Maybe you found out your date has an extensive taxidermy collection. Their favorite? A squirrel named Cheeks... who was also on the date with you.

20th Century Fox

Or maybe you got so nervous that you sprinted to the bathroom and unleashed World War III... on the walls, the floor, the ceiling?!

Universal Pictures

We want to know your most disastrous, embarrassing, and truly insane blind date story. Use the "Add Yours" DropBox below to submit your response. The best (and most jaw-dropping) stories will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!