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    15 Facts About Starfish That Will Freak You TF Out

    Think they're sedentary, docile creatures? THINK AGAIN.

    1. Just like the DC Comics villain Starro the Conqueror, starfish really do have the power of invulnerability.

    DC Comics

    Starfish are basically indestructible and have developed ~super powers~ that have made them masters of the sea.

    2. They can have 5, 10, 20, and even up to 40 arms! TBH that's pretty freaking terrifying.

    Tae208 / Getty Images, National Geographic / Via

    3. There are over 2,000 different species of starfish living in all kinds of extreme marine conditions, which means you can NEVER escape their villainous wrath.

    BBC / Via

    Starfish can be found in tropical reefs, kelp forests, and the deep, cold ocean.

    4. If they ever get trapped, some starfish will literally tear an arm from their body just to get away.

    BBC / Via

    5. The most chilling part? That severed arm can actually grow into an entirely new starfish minion.

    BBC / Via

    Yes, you read that correctly. Starfish have the power of regeneration. They can regrow a lost arm AND create a new starfish from severed arms.

    6. Oh, and the new starfish is an EXACT genetic clone of the parent starfish.

    DunedinAquarium / Via

    7. In addition to their tough, calcified exoskeleton, some starfish have sharp, venomous spines covering their body.

    Damocean / Getty Images, Para827 / Getty Images

    ~As if we weren't already googling a superhero that could match this villain.~

    8. With such a cute facade, it's friggin' ALARMING to find out that they prey on sea creatures that are too slow to escape them, because they are savage AF.

    WhitcombeRD / Getty Images

    Many eat cute lil' molluscs, clams, oysters, mussels, and snails.

    9. Starfish capture and consume their victims by ejecting their stomach out through their mouth like something out of a horror movie.

    Vancouver Aquarium / Via

    10. Then, they slowly dissolve their meal outside of their body while their prey is helplessly trapped in their grips.

    Vancouver Aquarium / Via

    11. Some starfish actually have night vision, making it easier for them to creep in the shadows.

    NOAA's National Ocean Service / Via Flickr: usoceangov

    You won't see them, but they'll see you!

    12. Plus, most of them have an eye at the end of each arm — that means up to 40 eyes staring straight into your soul.

    Scubaluna / Getty Images

    13. With all of these disturbing powers, starfish must have really big brains, right? WRONG. Starfish actually lack brains.

    Plovets / Getty Images

    They use their senses to determine things like touch, light, temperature, location, and water composition.

    14. While villains are often described as cold-blooded, starfish are actually ~no-blooded~, instead circulating oxygen-rich seawater throughout their vascular system.

    15. So, next time you see a starfish at the beach, beware! You're in the presence of the world's most feared supervillain.

    BBC / Via