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15 Parenting Hacks That Are Actually Kind Of Hilarious

Only a parent could be this smart.

1. These parents who thought of this clever way to tell their twins apart:

Yes, there are ways to tell identical twins apart.

2. This mom who thought of a second use for her wine opener:

3. This mom who got her child to believe that she hated the sound of the vacuum:

@AnnieMcCarren / Via Twitter: @AnnieMcCarren

4. This mom who withheld the Wi-Fi password until her kids did their chores:

@flyingcontinentalfuck / Via

5. These parents who tricked their kids into thinking they're playing video games too:

@LZSS007 / Via

6. This mom who turned her baby into a dust mop:

7. This dad who played hide-and-seek with his child so he could get things done:

@daddydoingwork / Via Twitter: @daddydoinwork

8. This mom who found a quick way to cool down corn dogs for her kids:

@KristinaStewart / Via Facebook: permalink.php

9. This dad who sneakily refilled a Capri Sun with a syringe:

@FearfromEartothereTravel / Via Facebook: EarToTherePhil

10. This mom who convinced her son that his ears turn red when he lies:

@TaraJCo4 / Via Twitter: @TaraJCo4

11. This dad who found a way to enjoy his breakfast without waking his kid up:

12. This dad who told his children that the ice cream truck only plays music when it's sold out:

@SimonRusbridge / Via Twitter: @SimonRusbridge

13. This father who figured out a way to rock his baby while also lounging:

14. This dad who created this train to keep his baby occupied:

15. Finally, this mom who tricked her kids out of hiding by playing the ice cream truck jingle:

@Six_Pack_Mom / Via Twitter: @Six_Pack_Mom

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