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    All Siblings Have Dramatically Fought Over These 24 Things

    Mom loves me more!

    1. When you said you were going to shower but your sibling tried to beat you to the bathroom first:

    #GrowingUpWithSiblings Me:I’m about to shower Them: I been said I was about to shower *makes eye contact*...

    2. And when they used up all the hot water so you had to take an ice bath:

    3. When you fought over who would control the TV remote:

    When you used to fight with your siblings over the tv.

    4. When your parents blamed you for something your sibling did and you quickly threw them under the bus:

    When your mom blames you for something your sibling did

    5. When they ate your leftovers without asking — especially when it was the only thing you were looking forward to all day:

    When you're excited to eat your leftovers, but you open the fridge and they're gone.

    6. When they stared at you for too long and you said, "What are you starting at?!":

    7. When your pet went to lay by your sibling instead of you:

    When your pet walks over to your sibling instead of you

    8. When they said Mom and Dad loved them more:

    9. When you caused a scene during the holidays because they got a better gift than you did:

    10. When you called shotgun but they ran out to the car in front of you:

    11. And when they wouldn't let you change the radio station:

    12. When you had to share a bed on vacation and constantly fought over who had more of the blanket:

    When your sibling keeps touching you with their damn cold feet in blanket

    13. When you borrowed a piece of clothing without them knowing and they caught you wearing it:

    14. Even worse, when they caught you in the act of stealing something from their room:

    15. When you went snooping through their phone and they caught you:

    16. When you would split food with your sibling and they took the bigger half:

    Trying to figure out which cup is Less full to give it to your sibling..

    17. When just hearing them mumble made you ready to fight:

    when your sibling annoys you so much that even them mumbling along to your favorite song makes you frustrated #GrowingUpWithSiblings

    18. When you fought over who helped out more around the house:

    #GrowingUpWithsiblings there’s always an argument over who cleans the most and who’s the laziest. 😁

    19. When it was your turn to use the computer but they kept hogging it:

    20. When report cards came out and you fought over who was smarter:

    21. When you subtly kicked your sibling under the dinner table because they were hogging all of the food:

    when your siblings are pissing you off but your parents are in the room

    22. When they left your room and didn't shut the door behind them:

    #GrowingUpWithSiblings “Shut the door” “No”

    23. When a fight broke out because they wouldn't stop annoying you during a movie:

    #growingupwithsiblings pointing to all the ugly characters in the movie and saying “that’s you “the whole movie

    24. Finally, when you told your sibling a secret and they snitched on you: