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    21 Photos Of Dogs And Delivery Drivers That Are Pawsitively Heartwarming

    Is UPS hiring?

    1. This adorable pup who made a friend for life:

    2. This UPS driver who befriended an entire family of dogs:

    3. This dog who just wanted some love before the driver got back to their route:

    4. This spotted boy who was proud to take his first photo with his new best friend:

    5. This doggo who decided to deliver something to their bestest friend for a change:

    6. This golden beauty who got her own personalized mail from the letter carrier:

    7. This little floof who braved the winter cold to say hello to their favorite driver:

    8. This dog who could barely contain his excitement when his delivery friend brought treats:

    9. This big ball of fur who just wanted to help drive the truck:

    10. This massive fluffer who just had to say hello to their favorite FedEx driver:

    11. These dogs who couldn't wait to receive their loyal mailman's love and affection:

    @GuacamoleFanatic / Via

    12. This puppy who loved getting scratches from his new friend:

    13. This good boy who patiently waited for a doggy treat from this driver:

    14. This dog who wanted to finish the delivery route with his hooman friend:

    15. This pup and UPS driver who jumped with joy at the site of one another:

    Here is Bennett the lab at Catalyst in Seattle. Our UPS driver, Michael Duncan, is his favorite human in the whole wide world. Maddie

    16. This dog who was beggin' this letter carrier for a treat:

    17. These siblings who were eager to greet their letter carrier:

    18. This happy pup who loved belly rubs from their dearest UPS driver:

    19. This floof who just couldn't wait to hop up in their favorite delivery driver's truck:

    20. This excited girl who couldn't wait to get her package:

    21. Finally, this pooch who loved his UPS driver so much that he wore a matching outfit so they'd be twins: