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If Jacob Zuma's Thoughts Were Motivational Posters.

South Africans put up with a lot of shit from their president, it's time the world knew about it.

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Jacob Zuma is everything you could ask for in a president.

And a lot of things people didn't ask for.

He knows the definition of democracy off by heart.

and really understands international political situations,

demonstrates respect for the constitution,

and the law,

and of course, his acceptance of changing relationship values,

appreciation of women's rights,

and revolutionary thoughts on womens' worth,

his compassion and beliefs of equality and non-violence towards his citizens,

finally, his ground breaking personal response when asked what he did to protect himself from the HIV/AIDS epidemic affecting 6 million of his people

And just when you worry that one day you might lose him as a leader of your nation...........

well, shit.

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