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    16 Myths About The Common Core State Standards, Set Straight

    For anyone who has heard even a snippet of the raging education debate about the Common Core State Standards, you’ve probably gotten a dose of the mudslinging. If you haven’t, the “CCSS” are a set of benchmarks to ensure that students understand math and English concepts so they can graduate with the skills they need to get a good job and lead a full life. As with any trending topic, though, everyone is weighing in. Thus, a subculture of conspiracy theorists, fear-mongerers, opportunists, and plain old wingnuts are taking to Twitter to express their outrage. Here’s a sampling of some of the nuttiest.

    1. MYTH: The Common Core State Standards are a federal takeover of state education rights.

    2. MYTH: The CCSS are tools of the socialist machine, created to bend the minds of our children.

    3. MYTH: The Common Core State Standards make kids pee their pants.

    4. MYTH: Teachers hate the CCSS.

    View this video on YouTube

    View this video on YouTube

    5. MYTH: Mom... the Common Core says we’re all racists...

    6. MYTH: The Common Core is unconstitutional!

    7. MYTH: Common Core is the brainchild of giant corporations in an effort to privatize and corporatize education.

    8. MYTH: Biometric fascism!

    9. MYTH: The Common Core standards are a covert plot to data mine our children.

    10. MYTH: No! The Common Core has destroyed American Girl dolls, too! Is there anything they won’t ruin?!?!

    11. MYTH: Aaaand it was only a matter of time until we heard this one:

    12. MYTH: The Common Core will prohibit children from being able to write essays about their feelings.

    13. MYTH: Common Core is too “common” for our students.

    14. MYTH: The Common Core State Standards are too hard for our students.

    15. MYTH: The Common Core State Standards are too easy.

    16. MYTH: Standards aren’t important because you don’t use anything you learned in school in the real world.