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    • forrestm3

      I am a person who loves sarcasm and humor, so yes, the tweet was meant as a joke that I typed out while taking the morning dump.  Yet, we should look at the larger issue of this article. Mezrahi spent, what appears to be 15 minutes, slapping something together without even bothering to support his argument that these tweets were written by “Teens.” Furthermore, after I brought this to his attention on twitter, Mezrahi deletes my tweet from his article and changes the title to “These People.” Making no mention of his mistake and or informing readers that changes have been made to the article. My Tweet to Mezhari: The author Mezrahi, has shown poor skills in literary analysis and the backbone by making a forgery of the truth to protect his credibility. This article has no value and lacks the support to make it stand. I would advise anyone visiting this site to ignore any claims or facts and merely enjoy the funny cat pictures, because those can’t be faked…I think.

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