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    Homestuck! (Literally)

    Homestuck (the nearly 8,000 page webcomic) has reached it's sixth birthday! And with that the name behind the comic has finally been revealed!


    Many of you have probably heard of Homestuck, especially if you've ever spent any time on The online comic has been running for several years now and has a fairly large fan-base. The comic is rapidly approaching 8,000 pages and raising many questions. One of the most popular was "Why is it called Homestuck?" Well now your wondering is over. In of of the latest updates this question was answered, and it was incredibly sarcastic.

    The four beta kids (John, Dave, Rose, and Jade) are sucked into the villain Lord Caliborn juju (Magic item) that is in the shape of a house and trapped there, forever. So the kids are literally Home Stuck.

    There are tons more question that are yet unanswered. Hopefully more will be revealed in the next set of updates.

    1. What do you think the next plot twist will be?

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    What do you think the next plot twist will be?

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      New Trolls
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      New Kids
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      Nepeta reappearance
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      Fefetasprite reappearance
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      Odd forgotten thing becoming relevant
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