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    • FormerBroSisWritersassistant

      David Marshall Smith isareal life Ellis. He sucked up to then B&S show runners Monica and Allison before telling the network how incompetent they were as show runners and suggesting the show could benefit from new leadership. When the ladies were replaced with David, he feigned ignorance and innocent, begging the ladies “not to be mad at him.” Then he went and hired all his fuckbuddies to be his new writing staff-which, honestly, would have been perfectly fine if both the network and the media hadn’t called the episodes said FBs wrote as the worst of the entire series.  David’sano talented snake who should NEVER be paired withafirst year Showrunner. Of course she was worried about him stealing her job and her show-he’s done it before! It’sashame he comes out smelling like roses-he’s everything bad about Hollywood. It’sashame the buzzfeed writer did the bare minimum amount of research, but then again, you can’t ever think of buzzfeed as decent journalism.

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