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    8 Places You Should Add To Your Sex Bucket List

    Inspired by Jodi Ellen Malpas's THIS MAN trilogy

    1. In the bathroom

    Pros: Next to the sink for easy cleanup

    Cons: Next to the toilet

    2. In the kitchen

    Pros: Easy access to whipped cream (or any other food “toppings”)

    Cons: Extra cleanup involved

    3. Against a wall

    Pro: Back support

    Con: Not as hot with anyone other than Ryan Gosling...

    4. In the shower

    Pro: Wet

    Con: Wet

    5. In a fancy car

    Pro: Perfect for a quickie on the go

    Con: Tight space (although that could be a good thing!)

    6. On the beach

    Pro: Scenic view

    Con: Sand in unpleasant places

    7. In a movie theater

    Pro: Nice and dark

    Con: Watch out for the creeper behind you taking pictures

    8. At the gym

    *Be sure to try out the rowing machine as demonstrated above

    Pro: Two workouts at once

    Con: You’ll be twice as sore the next day

    Inspired by Jodi Ellen Malpas's THIS MAN trilogy


    "[A] sexy, infuriating, wild ride. The back and forth in this book gave me whiplash..."


    "[R]eally hooked me right from the beginning. It's erotic and passionate and romantic ... it'll also leave you wanting more."