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    What’s Really Happening Inside Syria?

    Some common myths about the crisis in Syria and the reality behind them...

    More than 200,000 Syrians have been killed in Syria since 2011. Reports of murder, famine, torture and the use of chemical weapons against ordinary Syrians are standard. When most people hear about the crisis in Syria the so called "Islamic State" comes to mind. But are ISIL to blame for this death toll?

    The responsibility for the murder of over 200,000 Syrians sits with the Assad regime. Assad claims to be fighting terrorists in Syria but in reality he has created the environment for extremism to grow, and has done almost nothing to stop the advance of ISIL in places like Kobane. Instead he focuses on attacking Syrian men and women who reject his brutal dictatorship.

    It is the moderate opposition, ordinary Syrian men and women, who are fighting not only ISIL extremists, but the regime, in order to protect their homes and country.

    Here are some common myths about the crisis in Syria and the reality behind them...

    Myth: Supporting Assad might be the least-bad option - he is the lesser of two evils surely?

    Myth: Ok but surely it’s only a matter of time before Assad wins?

    Myth: The opposition in Syria are all terrorists.

    Myth: The National Coalition would rule Syria if Assad left power.

    Myth: The rise of ISIL was caused by the West, not Assad.

    Myth: the UK and international community have done nothing for Syria.

    Myth: Nothing is working in Syria; we should step back and let the bloodshed play out.

    Myth: The UK only cares about getting rid of the Assad regime at any cost. This will lead to chaos, just like it did in Iraq.

    Want to know what more the UK government is doing to help the Syrian people? Visit: