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    9 Surprising Ways To Break The Law Abroad

    Help avoid getting caught out abroad; check the Local Laws and Customs for each destination.

    1. Strewth! You can be fined up to $500 for swearing in public in some parts of Australia.

    2. ‘Wash me!’ – it’s illegal to drive a dirty car in Russia and Belarus.

    3. Don’t get cross – it’s illegal to jaywalk in many states in the USA.

    4. Bottoms up…not! You’ll incur a fine, or even a prison sentence, for indecent behaviour in Greece.

    5. Meals (not) on wheels...eating or drinking anything whilst driving in Cyprus is illegal.

    6. Feeling blocked? Vicks might help – but not if you’re travelling to Japan! It’s illegal to take some commonly available nasal sprays containing pseudoephedrine into Japan.

    7. It’s a cover up! You could get arrested for wearing camouflage clothing in Jamaica, Barbados or Zimbabwe.

    8. By gum! It’s against the law to chew gum on public transport in Singapore. Really.

    9. Water, water everywhere...but not in my suitcase. It’s illegal to take mineral water into Nigeria.