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    7 Calls British Embassies Weren't Expecting

    These are just some of the strange questions British embassies and consulates around the world have been asked in recent months. Make the right call! Find out what how we can can help British nationals abroad on

    1. My cat has an infected paw, can you advise me how to treat it?

    2. I need a Scottish chef based in Brussels to make Haggis for a Burns night party.

    3. Can you help me set up some hanging baskets at a trade show? The professional gardener we hired has stage fright.

    4. How do I synchronise my TV antenna in Italy to receive English channels?

    5. I want to become a Lord, how do I get a title?

    6. My son was travelling on a British airline. Can you find out where his missing suitcase is?

    7. I need to book the cheapest possible flights to New Zealand. Can you send me some options?